L to R : Two Aces Cox twin USA 1968 , Hobby Air Products geared 5-cylinder Japan 1968 and Radial 3-cylinder
and some more clever house-work
L to R : from down-under Australia come these Philtech multi-cylinder engines V-6 V-2 and V-4 billet milled
Left : Ruppert Boxer 6.5 cc of 1950 and at right the Webra Boxer 9 cc of 1959. The air-pump at the back was designed to drive the 'air-power' driven servo's . This Ruppert was originally owned by ex-weltmeister Stegmeier of Germany ser.nmbr 82
L to R : Munday Twin 60 twin-axle race-car engine Australia 2008 and P.Rischer 10 cc engine with integral rear-suspension unit , both purpose-built for speed control-line racing.
L to R : Flottweg 9 cc rep of 1939 , Thusius 0.7 cc Type-G of 1948 and big Argus 30 cc rep of 1939 all German made
OS FP 60 on RLE-Custom spark ignition conversion , 24 karat gold-plated
Diamant rotary-valve 10 cc of 1975 France
Left and Right : OS IL-300 Inline-4 of 50 cc , Middle : Profi 12 cc Inline-4 and in front two Profi Inline-4's of only 2 cc
L to R : home-built 15 cc boat engine, un-known tiny mono-valve engine and big Adcolantic 15 cc boat engine
OS FS 60 Mk3 on Minimag magneto conversion, OS FS 60 Mk1 , OS FS 60 Mk2 and OS FS 60 Mk3
OS Pixie 10 cc spark ignition re-issue of 1987, original OS Type-8 Mk1 and an Mk2 of 1942 Japan
OS Type 10 engines on original OS mounts 1946 Japan
OS FS 120 Supercharged prototype ser.nmbr 0004 , a look inside of the figure-8 Rootes type blower and final production 120
Leja 90 model A rep 1940 USA and an Avion-Mercury 1.609 big sparkie of 1946 both USA
L to R : Octura 10 cc spark ign. Boat engine, Hassad-Shock 10 cc control-line car speed engine rep 1941 and wonderfull Bruce Underwood Yellow Jacket 10 cc magneto engine ser.nmbr Y66U555 airplane version
Gerald Smith engines from L to R : Magpie 15 cc, Magpie Marine and Lapwing 10 cc also showing is souvenir booklet signed by author
Powermax Five prototype by Glen Hargrave (Ireland) from 1974 that became the basis for the later American made Technopower. Was also made in 7-cylinder configuration
So called 'Inline engines ' where the piston movement is in line with the crankshaft axis, for use in control-line airplanes to avoid as much wind resistance as possible L to R : Aero 35 CL and RC, Inline 35 1996 USSR, Krasnorutsky 10 cc geared twin-plug of 1972 USSR and a Hiness 10 cc from Japan 1974
Kratmo F-10 Z rep of 1937 and a Kratmo 10 cc (Walter Kratsch) of 1939 Germany
Jupiter 18.5 cc and 37 cc Twin Mk2 overhead rotary valve both equipped with engine-driven fuel pumps, made by Farger and Joosten in the 80'ies
L to R : Bantam Twin 10 cc sp.ign. 1978, Hurleman Twin 10 cc sp.ign by Herb Wahl 1974, Lou Ross 10 cc Twin and Ross 20 cc Four
Morton Bros. M-5 radial spark ignition .992 of 1945 USA
Häusler sp.ign 10 cc rep of 1939 Germany and TM forced-cooling boat engine 1944 Japan
Franz Kavan Twin Mk3 50 cc glow version, engine has full-scale oil reservoir (and dipstick) of 1982 Germany. Also made in spark ignition version with clever advance-retard system
Airpowered, Carbide and Dry-Ice engines. L to R : Imp Tornado S-2 dry-ice Japan 1935, 4-cylinder airpower radial by J.Knepper, small Hoosier Whirlwind by Bert Pond USA 1985, air-powered Gnome-type rotary radial unknown manufacture, Ace Twin carbide/dry ice powered USA 1938, Jetex/Demster Turboprop, IMP Tornado V-4 complete with feather-weight air- tank (made of thin copper sheet) that served as fuselage Japan 1935
V-2 Power : like the buzz-bomb, no moving parts and extremely noisy too. Head contains multiple apertures closed-off by daisy-flower-shaped spring steel lamels, engines are started by blowing air trough the front and the gas (petrol) ignited by high voltage spark. Top : Dyna-jet-inspired homebuilt by my late great friend Harry de Blangher (of Belgium Ferrari-fame) and myself, mounted on a test-rig with analog reading and manual spark ignitor. Middle top : original American Dyna-Jet Readhead 1948. Middle bottom : OS Jet 2 Japan 1952 and the cute MEW 601Minnesota Engine Works Jet engine
Canadian Half-A monoline speed model with modified Cox TD engine
at left the standard Russian Mk-17 diesel and at right the fourstroke conversion
HP 49 Twin homebuilt Germany 2008, Robbe Duo 5 cc Germany 1960 and the Swedish built DAMO (Sten Dal/Lars Molin) FS-218 Twin from 1977. It is said that the late great Ogawa Shigeo was inspired by the engine to produce his own first fourstroke boxer twin.
L to R Apex Minor 15 cc E.Westbury 1936, Kittywake 15 cc again a Westbury design and the Gannet of 1955 all British made
L to R : Webra T-4 of 14.31 cc with Aspin-type rotary valve Germany 1980, Webra T-4-80 of 1985, Robinson RVE vertical-axis rotary disc valve GB 1980, Condor 120 horizontal rotary valve GB 1983 and the Italian Cipolla 12O TSV of 1985
L to R : Barker Man-Ul-Matic 10 cc sp.ign 1946, Hornet 60 sp.ign 1940, Forster 99 nicknamed 'Little Hercules 1939, Klondyke 19 McCoy 19 sp.ign conversion, Pacemaker 59 of 1946, Bluestreak 65 of 1948, ORR 65 Tornado of 1946, Cave Cobra 10 cc rep car engine 1946 and Howler 29.
Conley Precision Engines 10 cc and Abitar Predator USA
L to R : Saito Black Knight with Jamara spark ignition conversion, Saito G-60 WFV spark ignition and HB 10 cc with Jamara spark ign. conversion
Bill Brown, often called 'father' of the first practical lightweight model airplane engine, here's a line-up of some of his engines. L to R : Brown Jr. 10 cc model B on mount (with box that served as mailing package at the same time) of 1935, in front the Brownie 29 (with Gnome figure on case) of 1941, Brown Jr. model D of 1939, Brown model D in attractive box, Herb Wahl 40th Anniversary Brown Jr. of 1975 , reproduction of Bill's very first engine he made while at High School in 1930 and next another Brown Jr. in yet another type of box
Buthane-fueled V-Twin RLE-built from kit
L to R : Baby Cyclone model B of 1936 and right Baby Cyclone model F of 1938
L and R : Shuriken .050 Mk1 BV in red and the Mk2 VE gold anodizing, these beautifully made Half-A engines can be stressed up to 40.000 rpm , Cox RR-1 Rear Rotary 049 in bubble-pack of 1958 and a Cox Mangusta DR 049 by Ronald Valentine
L to R back row : Valentine boxer 4 only 0.392 cc, Cox TD .010 or 0.16 cc of 1960, Davies Charlton Bamby .015 cc of 1954, Zapletal .012, Dooling 29 scaled by A.Hende, Mill's 0.16 cc, Drone Diesel O.6 cc A.Hende 1995, coin of 50 Euro-cent,
Rova 0.05 cc and probably the world's smallest diesel ? , Wasp 0.1 cc diesel by G.Ceccarelli of Italy 1993 and in front more jewelry from Valentine. All these engines do run indeed
L to R : Dooling 61 1948, Ohlsson&Rice 60 Custom 1940, Condor Kopper King 10 cc 9/32 dia.prop shaft of 1941 by the Pittsburg Brass Mfg.Co. more renowned for their brass musical instruments, Dennymite 57 of 1945, Dennymite 57 Airstream of 1938 and Ohlsson 57 Gold Seal of 1938. The name Dennymite is derived from famous Hollywood filmstar Reginald Denny who had the engines produced for his Hollywood Boulevard hobby shop.
L to R : Fox 49 High-Speed spark ignition Longshaft produced by Claude L.Slate 1949 and in front the tiny A.Hende produced scaled spark ignition version fitted with RLE super- miniature spark plug, Fox 59 Stunt glow 1951, Fox 59 Stunt Short Front 1954, Scott Motors Thunderbird reversed-drum intake fan and Rocket Victor of 1945
Clarence Lee .51 Purple Head crystalline white anodized 035 from 1964
Experimental engine with counter-rotating propellers, based on a standard 16 cc Echo engine, running on electronic spark ignition and fitted with a 12 volt electric starter and oil-filled gearbox. Not one to start by hand.
Ernst Rauch diesel 1956 Germany
Very rare Danish-made Diesella of 1947
Spanish Paya diesel (of Paya tin toy fame) 1947 and the only COX ever to be assembled outside of the USA more specific in Israël by Tissan-Haifa Co, included was a brush ( to wipe desert sand off ? )
L to R : Profi V-Twin 12 cc USSR, prof Erich Handt Twin proto 1988 Germany, Ladybird 2.5 cc, Dylla 10 cc with unique rotary sleeve valve Austria 1978, TRMAC V-Twin from Brno Tsechoslovakia ( Heran prototype ? ) , homebuilt V-twin and in front of that small twin-piston single cylinder experimental engine, next to that the Bora 51 from Prague
L to R : prof. Schillings Twin Overhead Cam PL 10 cc of 1977, Vega 50 Twin side-valve GB 1988 and Schillings 120 DOHV twin
very special engine, the Erikxson MCC 120 from the USA and NOT as some might think a Wankel engine, MCC stands for moving combustion chamber.
L to R : OS/Graupner Type 49-PI Wankel 2009, Ltd.Edition gold-plated OS Wankel, Erikxson MCC 12O and OS .30 Wankel Mk1 of 1969
Home-built diesel 3,5cc made from Model Maker Magazine sept. 1961 designed by C. Starnes
Vlatavan engines L to R : Glow Twin, Diesel Twin, spark ign. Twin and basic single
MHZ 3-cylinder watercooled inline marine engine 30 cc Germany
Highly modified dirt track racer with tuned Enya 10 cc built from a kit by RLE
Some RLE spark ignition conversions with either aluminum or bronze timer frames, note raw unfinished casting as it comes out of the Delft- clay- method mold, moving points from Woody Bartelt.
All kinds of miniature spark plugs stock
L and R : Cameron car engines built for the Hasbro Toy Co. in 1961 . Most were destroyed when car project was cancelled. Middle : Cameron 09 Marine
Arden 09 mounted on Arden free flight chassis that contains coil, flight timer, condensor, pen cell AA batteries and booster jack connections
ProF Erich Handt Twin Inline prototype
Saito FA 325 Radial Japan 2008
Saito FA 90 Radial Japan 2008
Cox crankcases in different anodized colours and Red/Yellow VGE -RR2 Cox 049
OS 420 Sirius 7 Cylinder Radial (9.95cc x 7) Japan 2010
OS 300 Sirius 5 Cylinder Radial (9.95 cc x 5) Japan 1986
Tiny CO2-powered Gnome Type rotary Stephan Gasparin 9 cylinder (the crankshaft is fixed and the and cylinders swirl around) Right : Seidel 998 Radial Nine of 9O cc Germany 1989
AE Single Cylinder Stuart Turner 30 cc Side-Valve engine GB 1932
Apex Minor 15 cc Edgar Westbury GB 1936
L to R : OS FS 60 Mk2 , Laser 120 and OS FS 60 Mk3
All fitted with Minimag Magneto's made by Jim Shelley
L to R : Kraft 61 RC 1974 , Howler .604 1946 , Dooling Bros. 61 of 1948, Fitzpatrick Bros. 61 of 1983, Hornet 60 of 1946 all USA
L to R : Clarence Lee Custom K&B 6.5 cc, Rossi 3;5 cc Goldhead Car Speed , OS SR-40 Pylon Racing, OS RX 140 Electronic Fuel Injection, OS V-91 ducted fan, highly modified OS RG Pylon and a Rossi 15 cc ducted fan
OS 40 PS Pylon Racing engine Ltd. Edition with original 6-point mount and tuned pipe, 2.34 Kw at 26000 rpm
L to R : Howler 29 spark ign. USA , Hope model B 29 spark ign. Japan 1947 and Dragon 1.6 spark ignition by Bastable Engineering GB 1948
L to R : Super Atom USA 1946, Super Atom USA 1941, Kunze/Mc.Coy 19 Spark ign.conversion , Cannon 30 spa rk ign. USA 1946 and Gilbert 11 spark ign. Conversion by RLE
Nordec 10 cc Mk1 spark ign. GB 1948, Cave Cobra rep. Car Speed Engine USA 1946 and Bluestreak 65 spark ign. USA 1948
OS Max-D 15 diesel Japan 1958, Hegi (HB ?) 20 Glow
Rare OS copy of the ED-Bee 1 cc, OS Pet 09 1st model 1957,
OS Max 15 Diesel 1958 and OS Max-1 in green velvet box 1955 all Japan
Excentric Compression Engines : the crankshaft runs into an excentric hole at the front end plate with adjustment arm to 'lower or lift' the shaft, resulting in a variable compression L to R : Airstar 2.15 cc GB 1947, Lumir Polednik 1.25 variable compression diesel ànd fourstroke as well Czech 1985 and French Ouragan 3.3 rear drum induction of 1949
Ladybird 2.5cc GB 1949
Simplex 25 Mk2 by John Morrill USA 1978
Mills Twin homebuilt GB
L to R : ORR 60 USA 1946, Contestor D-60-S USA 1946, Pacemaker 59 USA 1946, Barker Man-Ul-Matic USA 1946 and Bunch Tiger Aero 1944 all USA
Impex 30 cc boat engine GB
L to R : Wensen 36 USA 1947, Fox 29R 'Bathtub' USA 1956 and Husky JV
USA 1938
Cox Conquest 15 USA 1977
RC Dragster powered by blown Traxxas 3.5 cc USA
Cox PT-Trainer, my very first control line airplane and sole survivor of a pair I received as birthday gift age 10
AL-MA Aeroplane type Canard France ca 1910
Control Line Speed planes from the 50 and 60'ies both Super Tigre powered
Russian mono-wing/mono-prop speed control line airplane and some Elder wooden mono-props from the 60'ies
Left : Cox Thimble Drome Prop-Rod in famous So-Cal Salt Lake paint job and RLE Babe Bee V-twin Right : Cox Shrike with Great canyon 5-cylinder Cox
Two Cox Prop-Rods with Space Bug jr. engines USA 1950
Dooling Frog and smaller baby Frog, the last still to be finished with Cox .010
Two Dooling Streamliners, affectionately nicknamed Frog, the first one by RLE and powered by a Super Cyclone model G 60 spark ignition and the second fiited with a
Dick McCoy Red Head 60 Race Car sparkie . These cars were originally run as 'rail cars'on huge outside oval race tracks , cars were fitted with side-mounted roller bearings that slotted onto upstanding steel rails, from this evolved the later Slot Car tracks, but cars can also be run as control line
McCoy Duromatic Invader of 1946 fitted with McCoy Red Head car engine on spark ignition
Silver Flash rubber powered aeroplane from the 30'ies
Stephan Gasparin's amazing jewel-like beauties : L to R : G63 V-12 with a total volume of 753.6 cubic millimeter , G 5-cylinder, 5-cylinder in box, G-24NN 18-cylinder double row radial prototype and G-24RN 9-cylinder radial Gnome type rotary
Gasparin's smallest : Left : total height of the engine is only 11mm and on right the 'bigger' cousin, forgot about the exact volume …….
Hayward Conelly .647 spark ign. USA 1948
Fly power
L to R: Movo-D2 Italy 1947, Dyno Repro, Mini Dyno Valentine, A. Hende Dyno, Original Dyno 2cc Swiss made, Deezil USA 1948
Power max 5 – prototype – actual engine as depicted in 1974/75 Tenco catalogue
more R.L.E. ignitions conversions – all parts are home cast and hand made
Gary Conley 1/4 scale V-8
1911 Victoria mono valve boat engine – Oldest engine in collection
original cox baby bee and big scale version by H. Burkhard