‘Salt-Fever’ dragster project awaiting MVVS installment and finishing, length 2 meter
Famous So Cal ‘belly-tank‘ salt-flats racer powered by McCoy 60 Redhead, smaller model is highly detailed GMP model. These racers were made from alu drop tanks fitted under the wings of WW2 P-38 Lightning fighters for increased range
L to R : Super Cyclone-G of 1940, Super Cyke twinplug re-issue of 1984 and McCord Spitfire 65 RC glow of 1958
Swiss made Hitek C02 race car engine kit
Cox packaging selection
Monza cl speed car by Vilma
Meccano Bugatti : anyone any ideas about how to power this one ?
Testors 1/2 A racer USA
Mamod Roadster steam powered car GB
Saito G-60 WFV spark ignition with water cooling option 1980’ies Japan
Keil Kraft free-flight Hi-Jet balsa kit for Jetex power GB
Orwick 64 USA and Dunham-Orwick GB
L to R : Saito FA-30 Mk-1 , Saito FA-80 Boxer and Saito FA-30 Mk-2
Whirlwind from the Model Dockland Melbourne Co in Australia
American Flyer Gilbert 11 with RLE ignition conversion from M E World plan
FROG ( fly right of the ground ) line-up L to R : Mk-1 Petrol 1,75cc of 1947, Mk-2 Petrol of 1948, Mk-1 Diesel 1,80cc of 1947 and Mk-2 Diesel of 1948 GB
Enya 40-4C Japan
Wasp 6cc by Model Aircraft Stores with original mount/cowling of 1939 GB
Fox Hawk 60 RC of 1975 and Fox 60 Bluehead RC Twinplug with needle bearings on both ends of con rod of 1967 USA
Left : Syncro Ace of 1937 Right : Syncro Ace Special of 1938 USA
Left : Super Atom aluminum casting of 1941 Right : Super Atom magnesium casting of 1946 designed by Ray Arden of glow plug fame and manufactured by Microdyne USA
Kustom 51 RC of 1965 was a follow-up of the DEW 51 engine, with name removed and covered with metal sticker
RGU Universal 2,47cc diesel of 1956 Germany
Channel Island Special 10cc by Jensen Ltd on the island of Jersey 1950’ies
Compagnucci 6,28cc electronic ignition car engine Italy
Single Cylinder twin-piston of un-known origin.
L toR : OS FT-120 Mk-2, OS FT-240 and OS FT-120 Mk-1 Japan
ED Pennyslot 2cc of 1947 and ED Hunter Mk-4 of 1950 GB
Baab-Fox .604 rep of 1946 Right : Hassad-Schock .604 rep of 1939 designed by Ira Hassad and Louis Schock
LtoR : Micron 5 GP-RV of 1958, Stab 2,27cc of 1940, scaled Micron 1cc fixed compression diesel by Paris-based master engine builder Michel Molinié and the original Purple Head Micron 5cc of 1943 all French
OK Twin 120 of 1939 and OK Super 60 of 1944 by the Herkimer Tool Co New York
custom- built Jaguar Twin 29 Germany
Cox TD ignition conversions
Taifun Hurrikan NIB
Ken 60 by Kencraft of 1945 USA
Synchro Bee .122 Type 2 of 1938 USA
Bluestreak 65 by International Tool of 1948 USA
Fleetwind 60 Model E-1 by Hoof Products of 1946 USA
Phantom P-30 of 1946 USA
Drone Gold Crown fixed compression diesel by Drone Engineering a Leon Schulman design of 1947 and a reduced 0.6 version by the late Arne Hende
Cannon 300 of 1946 USA
HP 120 Goldhead Twin with special black Thermex coating for better dissipation of heat
Bunch Tiger Aero of 1944 and Lucas&Smith Contestor D-60 R of 1946 USA
Left : Sky Chief by Supercraft of 1941 Right : Vivell Super 35 of 1946 USA
LtoR : McCoy 60 Black Case Red Head, McCoy BCRH 49, another 60 and McCoy BCRH 29 from 1946/47 USA
Arne Hende from Sweden scaled down the McCoy 60 BCRH to .09 glow that I have started converting to ignition , with the timer frame already done
Barker Man-Ul-Matic .604 of 1946 with a rather complex rear intake disc timing/retarding system
Another picture of the rare Diesella diesel of 1947 from Denmark. The firm was mainly into making motorcycles
Left : Thor B of 1946 Right : Rogers 35 of 1941. Both called slag-engines, having an aluminum piston running directly in the aluminum cylinder, resulting obviously in wearing-out very quickly.
Condor Kopper King 9/32 shaft of 1941 rare engine by the Pittsburgh Brass Mfg Co. The engine has a combined throttle/advance system with a cylinder head in hard copper alloy. The firm was mainly into the making of brass musical instruments.
One of many Bill Atwood designs the 1948 Super Champion .630 USA
Nordec 60 Mk-2 of 1949 GB
Super Hurricane .244 of 1948 Canada
Delong 30 by Super Motors of 1946 USA
Bantam 19 of 1946 USA
Pacemaker 59 by Capitol Co light green magnesium case of 1946 USA
GHQ Aero of 1938 USA
Edco Sky Devil 1500 SD of 1947 USA
50th Anniversary book published by the OS Mfg Co Japan
Ogawa Shigeo with his adoptive parents
Some samples of the great Model Engine World magazine that was published / edited by John Goodall of Great Britain
A static fourstroke homebuilt engine
Rather complex tiny little steam engine of unknown origin ? ( 900mm high )
Gohl table-top control line speed track, here partially assembled for the picture was given to me by the late great Miguel de Rancougne , for whom I did quite some restoration work .
Control line team racer fitted with a John Oliver Tiger Mk-3 diesel of 1975 GB
Control line speed model powered by a tuned Super Tigre G-15 rear rotary valve glow engine of 1967 Belgium