Czech MVVS 58cc water-cooled engine with electronic ignition module, silencer and radiator
Cox 049 powered Eliminator dragsters of 1969 USA
Fox Twin 20cc USA
Made literally by the millions, this arch-classical Cox 049, besides the ‘enlarged’(170mm high) big-scale version, made by German-based maestro H. Burkhardt
Left : David Boddington Mills of 2008 Right : Mills Mk-1 series 2 of 1947 GB
My very first RC engine ever, here a NIB example, the OS Max-15 RC of 1972
LtoR : Hoernlein-Profi 1,76cc rendition by Ronald Valentine, the big 10cc and the 2,5cc with original silencers
OK Mohawk Chief of 1947 with Indian Chief logo by Herkimer New York
LtoR : OS Max-H 60 Blackhead of 1974, OS Max-H 60 Goldhead of 1966 and the OS Max-RF Hanno Prettner Redhead pumped pattern engine from the 80’ies Japan
Enya Typhoon 10cc of 1960 Japan
HP Marine 40 of 1980 Austria
Jan Garcic V-Twin with two of his .03 engines geared together Czech
Two Merco conversions, at left the 77-Products (Otto Bernhardt) of 1977 USA and at right the fourstroke conversion by Stebro of 1982 GB
Cox pull-start car/boat engines
PAW stands for Progress Aero Works of Great Britain whom still produce some of the best and easy starting diesels LtoR : Mk-1 Blackhead 06, Mk-1 Purplehead 049 and the BR 55 Redhead
LtoR : Aurora-made Taplin Twin Aero 8cc from India, Taplin Twin 15cc assembled from 70% original left-over factory parts by Arne Hende and the Taplin Twin Greenhead Marine 8cc from 1965 GB
Hetherington Meteor of 1950 USA
Cobey-Waite by Mike Drozda of 1972 USA
Joseph Pfeffer 2,5cc diesel of 1953 Czech
Oliver Tiger Mk-3 diesel team race engine of 1975 GB
Hi-Speed Bullet by Bill Atwood of 1939 USA
Saito FA-30 S Gold Plated 50th Anniversary of 2010 Japan
OS LA-10, OS LA-65 and OS FS-26 car engine Japan
Fitzpatrick 61 of 1983 by Charlie and Mike Fitzpatrick of Chula Vista Ca USA These engines do run up to 20000 rpm
Reproduction of Bill Brown’s very first engine that he made in 1930 while still in High School
The second RC engine I ever used, in a Svenson Westerly trainer, is this Webra Glo-Star 3,5cc of 1964, this one is brand-new. The Webra firm was mainly producing Gears for the industry
Partly finished home-built turbine from the early 90’ies
Jetex Scorpion 600. All Jetex engines do use dry-pellet fuel ignited by a wick
Turbo Charger add-on for control line speed cars
Small selection of old glow fuel cans
Left : factory made cut-out MVVS Right : a Magnum Radial that was run on too low an oil mixture by the previous owner and now awaiting an RLE didactical cut-out
Bantam 6cc OHV ignition of 1937 ready to be re-assembled after the usual Ultrason cleaning and replacement of a broken con-rod
Left : the Quadra 35cc was one of the first converted so-called chain-saw engines that enabled many of us to fly the larger airplanes that came into vogue in the late 70’ies and made in Canada. At right is the Zenoah Twin 80cc of 2010 or how things have developed for the better over the years.
Here you see a typical example of a casting kit intended for the home-machinist, in this case a Wyvern stationary fourstroke of 30cc, another Edgar Westbyry design from the 30’ies. I have nearly finished the crankshaft, some parts are double, just in case I goof. . .
A very big drone engine of 380 cc as used on military unmanned airplanes
Saito steam engines Japan
Tiny steam engine of only 28mm length by Ben Peake of Australia
Close-up of the Gasparin V-12 co2 motor ser.nmbr. 20 Note the regulator valve for idle and rev-up
Close-up of the Gasparin 18-cylinder double-row radial prototype ser.nbr. 001
This is the smallest engine Gasparin made, it was an anniversary edition, intended for the collectors
Lutz Hielscher’s tiny jewel-like steam engines, the Benz 3-wheeler car is only 84mm high
Left : a typical flame-eater Right : Hot Air engine
Heat Exchanging engine : starts working when put on top of a cup of hot coffee
Another Hielscher Merry-go-round engine
Wen-Mac Hiller Flying Platform USA
LtoR : Fuji 29 Stunt glow from the late 50’ies, a rare Sky Shark 49 of 1946 and the Hope B-29 ignition of 1947 all from Japan
Aluminum castings, gear box, front axle and tires are some of the parts that will make-up another So Cal salt lake racer.
Karl Spielmaker 60 of 1974 USA
Carlo Picco P-80 race engine Italy
Rossi 105 ABC 5-T ducted-fan engine Italy
OS Max 91 race-car engine Japan
Rossi 21 ABC 6-T Goldhead car engine Italy