Gert Lang 15cc LA-404 one-off special Germany.
RJL 61 and engine-shaped cofee mug especially made for Randy Linsalato USA.
Paul Bugl 15cc diesel ser.nmbr.00064 with original box.
Wohm 10cc radial diesel ser.nmbr.22 by Wolfgang Hopfner Germany.
OPS B-20 ser.nmbr.81 of a total of 120 made in 1971 designed by Italian maestro Gualtiero Picco.
Clarence Lee inline-engine nicknamed Sidewinder, ser. nmbr.3, only 6 engines were made of which 5 have survived. The Veco 31 engine formed the basis for the sidewinder. Engine nmbr.3 was one of the 3 "proof of concept" engines,the 3 following were called prototypes.
Left: Webra 61 geared reduction. Right: OS61 geared reduction.
Aries 60 ignition Australia.
Dynamic diesel by Gordon Cornell GB.
Aquila Seal Baby 1958 Hungary.
L to R: Original Bambi.009 by David Charlton of 1954, Dave Banks replica and VA replica. The Bambi was, along with the Cox.010, the only mass produced engine of this size being a tiny bit smaller than the Cox.
An early OS36 with Bill Atwood crankcase Japan.
Pogo 91 made by the Pagliuso Co. USA
Davies Charlton Tornado Twin 1958 GB.
Gary Conley 1/4 scale V8 car engine.
Hologram of the OS FS-60 Mk3 engine.
Line-up of OS Powerblock car engines, the one on the left is fitted with a button-plug Japanese made M-Speed Cylinder head.
Wen-Mac 049 Mk-11 boat engine.